How to keep rodents out of my garden?

Everybody knows how big of nuisance rodents are. They force their way inside our houses chewing and gnawing holes in the wood, live inside the walls, scurry around all night long. They are more than just destructive. If you knew how much of health risk these little creatures are, youd be running around killing them all.

But if you believe that rodents are a problem just inside the house, my friend you are truly mistaken. Forget rodents love the house, your yard and especially your garden. They like to eat flowers, buds and the likes you grow in your garden.


If you think that rodents like squirrels, rats or chipmunks are helping themselves into your garden, but youre not sure. Well, its time to look for clues. Check your yard and garden area for signs of bites and footprints. If you had netting around the garden, look for holes and tears. If you have fencing around your house, check that as well. Rodents are famous for, having teeth stronger than iron. Their poop can almost identify if its a rat or a squirrel.

Rodents are omnivorous (eat everything), and if you think that they only eat cheese and nuts, dont kid yourself. If that were the case, the rodent race would have become extinct by now.


If youre done looking around, its about time get to the point. These furry pests are attracted to your property for a reason. And that reason is food. From somewhere outside your house, they are getting plentiful food. If you have flower buds in your garden, rodents love them. For you, it may be hard and sweat to have a beautiful blooming garden. For the rodents they are treats. You might also be leaving bit and pieces of food on the ground. The method you use to secure your garden from pests could be faulty. 

Try to remove these small habits and keep your garden and yard clean; this alone will automatically reduce if not end their numbers.

Eliminate them all

If you are dealing with rodents, nothing works better than some snap traps and peanut butter. Rodents have babies twice a year. So relocating them doesnt affect the overall result all that much. Especially if you are dealing with rats. If the animal is some chipmunks or squirrels, the state law could intervene with you harming them. Them its best to use baited live cages to trap and relocate them. Make sure that the garden and other food sources are closed off, or the traps might just be ignored. Are you see no activity for at least three days, you have been relieved of your problem.


We all have learned our lesson, havent we? Lets make sure that rodents dont bother our gardens ever again. Try using steel fences to cover around your garden. Electric fences are also an option. Or you could use motion sensing water sprinklers.

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