Will the city or county animal services help me with a rodent issue?

Do you have a problem with rodents that you are not able to deal with yourself? Rodent infestation in your dwelling can be quite alarming. And oftentimes, finding the right people to deal with the problem can be a real problem itself.

Not all rodents can be considered as nuisance pests. Many of them are important to balance the ecosystem and the food chain, primarily because they serve as prey to other animals such as the snakes and foxes. Additionally, they also help in spreading seeds.  And, although not all rodents can be as extremely despicable as the rats and mice, they can easily become a problem particularly when they decide to turn your own home into their nest. 

Raccoons, squirrels, and specially rats and mice can be a real headache when they invade your property. They can cause significant damages to your yard and house. They are also known to be vector carriers of a number of serious diseases and can introduce other parasitic animals such as fleas and ticks into your residence.

Can the City or County Animal Services Help With Rodent Infestations?

Many homeowners who are confronted with rodent issues the first time may instantly think that the city or county animal services can help with the problem, only to be disappointed. 

It is important to know that the government animal control services (city or county) are not able to deal with rodent infestations. It may come as a surprise to you and you might wonder why. 

So, what are the responsibilities of the city or county animal services? The government animal control department deals with the domesticated animals such as dogs and cats. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Taking dog bite reports
  • Enforcing animal permits
  • Dealing with animal cruelty and neglect
  • Investigating barking complaints

Hence, the city or county animal services are not capable of handling rodent infestations. It is considered the owners responsibility to protect their property from the rat and mice invasion. In addition, rats and mice are not considered wild and vicious animals either. 

When you contact the government animal control services to report about rodent problems, they may help you by providing you instructions on how to get rid of the rodents yourself. They may also refer you to a professional pest exterminator who may well be able to deal with the problem appropriately for you. 

In as much as dealing with rodents can be a challenging task, the best thing you can do then is to do all precautionary measures to ensure your residence will not be attractive for the rodents. Cleaning and maintaining order in your yard and inside your home are the basic things that you can do to keep away the pesky rodents. Make sure your trash cans are covered securely. Clean any leftover foods and do not leave your pet food and bird feeders out in the open particularly at night. Lastly, seal any gaps and other point of entries where the rodents can gain entrance to your property. 

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